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500 Internal Server Error in CakePHP application

A common problem encountered in CakePHP applications is when they are moved to the root folder, they end up showing 500 Internal Server Error. We encountered the same. When started with the development, we had used a temporay folder under a common domain name. But when the actual domain was pointed to the application, it was showing up 500 Internal Server error. To put it simply, if we suppose, the application is place under a folder "demo" under a domain name - , then it is accessible in the url - .

Why is a logo important?

Real businesses have logos. People take you more seriously when you have a professionally designed logo. A logo is especially important for a small or new business. Give your business more credibility.

Important Things You Should Take Care Of While Designing A Logo

As you all know that designing a perfect logo is designing and giving a big image to your brand , business or a blog. If you are a professional blogger or wish to be a one. Then you should get one a perfect brand name first. Yes it’s very much important after that you’ve to give your brand name a image with which you’ll be recognised on the web! So here are the five tips you should take care while designing a logo for yourself.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Website????

To have a website of one’s own has become truly essential in the last years. To have your own website gives your business invaluable advantages over the traditional modes of advertising. There are at least 7 reasons why you should bring your business online:

Increasing PHP Memory Limit and File Upload size in Wamp

Most of you must have encountered this while while importing a large database in PHP MyAdmin, or any other MySQL interface. There is server time out or maybe the file upload size is limited to say 2 MB or so. All you need to do is, you have to edit you php.ini file to increase the PHP memory limit and the file upload size. If you are using WAMP, try these:


I Agree: a first look into Electronic Contracts

It is quite unlikely that, while surfing the internet that one comes across on some icon saying “I Agree” or “I Accept”.  This is a form of manifesting one’s assent to some terms. In case of installing software, assent is generally shown by the conduct of tearing the CD package and using it. Most of us do not even bother to read the terms and conditions of that particular service or site, and simply hit the “I agree” button to get our job done.

Website Improvement Tips to Grow Your Business

An online business relies on the website which acts as an interface between the business owner and the customers. When it comes to expanding your business, developing a mere website is not enough. It takes persistent efforts and regular updates to improve your business website design and make it suitable as per the current requirements. Whether your business climbs the stair of success or goes down the drain depends solely on your website.

Why is it Important to Have a Website?????

It is fast becoming expected for any reputable business to have an internet presence. Your website can be as simple as one page "About Us" with a description of your products and services, and contact information, to a wiz bang multimedia production. Whichever type of business you have, your customers are now looking for you on the internet! The power of a website cannot be underestimated, as world e-commerce is on the upswing.

Why You Should Need a Website for your Business

When choosing a website design company or indeed a web design service it is important to look for a website design company with not only a strong graphic design and development team but a website design company who's web designer or web designers understand why it is important to have a web presence. Here are ten points to bear in mind when considering appointing a website design company or web design service.

E Commerce: An Introduction

During the past three years a revolution has taken place in the way business is done. The revolution is mainly due to convergence of computers and telecommunication technologies and the emergence of a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who facilitate connection of computers to internet. The internet has spawned a number of innovations in business between commercial organizations, between individuals and commercial organizations and between individuals and individuals.

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