As you all know that designing a perfect logo is designing and giving a big image to your brand , business or a blog. If you are a professional blogger or wish to be a one. Then you should get one a perfect brand name first. Yes it’s very much important after that you’ve to give your brand name a image with which you’ll be recognised on the web! So here are the five tips you should take care while designing a logo for yourself.

  • 1. Brand:
    Take care of your brand name while designing a logo because logo is only a one time thing. If you’ll be changing your logo design every week that will let your reputation down. So always take care of your Brand name while designing your logo and never change your logo once designed. Give it a great look and only apply it when satisfied.
  • 2. Tagline:
    Give your brand name a tagline and always place that in your logo too! You would have seen big companies logos, they always got a tagline under them so be sure to place one tagline under your logo that fits the best. Always be unique and different!
  • 3. Text & Image:
    This is one of the important thing, don’t only place name of the brand in your logo do add some web 2.0 icons also, they will give a grace and a good look to your Logo. So, be sure to add one or two icons to your logo. You can get those on IconFinder. Always take care that they are free for commercial use.
  • 4. Finising Touch:
    Be careful of giving your logo a good finishing touch. Like adding some grace into it, adding mixture of colours, adding gradients. Gradient is the most important thing to give your logo a profesional look. Add some transforms and outline effect and also give it a slight shadow. Aha, your logo is now complete , full, pro, and ready to use!
Important Things You Should Take Care Of While Designing A Logo