Web Application Development has come a long way from being just simple static HTML pages to really powerful, data driven and interactive portals. It’s now more than just websites or portals. Since the advent of Internet, stand alone Desktop based software have been replaced by multi-user Cloud Based Applications. These Web Applications can be accessed from different devices, be it computers, mobiles or tablets. Since its cloud based, the data is centrally stored in a server and can be retrieved from anywhere as the need arises.  But this does not mean the data is vulnerable and could be accessed by anyone. Requisite security measures are in place and can be customized as per the requirements. The beauty is, in the same application, say there are multiple users, so the access level to the data entry and retrieval and be defined.

PHP remains widely used Language in the area of Web Application Development. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. One can refer to the Official Website for more information. There are large number of resources for one to refer and start learning this awesome language and develop some amazing and useful applications. Some of the most famous Projects/Applications and widely which have been written in PHP are:

  • Facebook – It has become a household name and is almost unofficially a synonym for Social Networks.
  • Wikipedia – You search anything online, and there is one place which cannot go un-noticed. It’s the enormous store house valuable and correct information of nearly anything.
  • WordPress – This again is a name which has become common to Content Management System. It’s recorded that almost 40% of the websites are on WordPress . Now WordPress is a Content Management System which is done in PHP. Anyone who wants to get a website, or start learning web development or web designing has come across this name at least once
  • MailChimp  – It’s a widely used Email Marketing tool with some really amazing features.

Even though there are millions of applications which have been written in PHP, the above names would definitely sum it all to the power and wide use of this user friendly scripting language.

Pre-requisites to learn PHP, are one should have some knowledge about computer programming in general. Knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript will definitely be helpful, since these are the integral part of any Web Application. But, the main requirement is sincerity and dedication. One has to have the zeal to learn and accept challenges. The best way to learn is by a practical approach, i,e to start writing a project or application. One can keep learning and implementing the same on the project. Web Development has rapid changes every day and no one can claim that he/she knows everything. Hence a practical and a project oriented approach would also help one develop the process of continuous learning.

PHP For Web Application Development
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